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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  October 29, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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a retirement home. the discovery of explosives on planes heading toa catholic priest is attacked at a retirement home. the discovery of explosives on planes heading to the u.s. prompts airplanes to tighten security. and the giants won't be alone in texas. hear from fans making a jurn journey. good evening. it friday october 29th. i'm gasia mikaelian. this is bay area news at 7:00. he says a catholic priest molested him 35 years ago when he was a boy. he tracked down the priest, went there, and beat him up. jana katsuyama is live with our story. >> he just walked through that r not more than 5
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minutes ago after posting $25,000 bill. he has been -- bail. he has been released and turned himself in earlier after an arrest warrant was issued on tuesday. this 44-year-old san francisco man says he's accused of attacking his alleged abuser 65-year-old linder. sheriff's investigators say the attack happened at this retirement center. witnesses say on may 10th around 2:00 p.m. the suspect lynch called and asked if linder was there. >> he used the name eric and sad that he needed to get in contact with father because he needed to make notifications. >> a half hour later he showed p and confronted him in the lobby and attacked him. >> he punched him in the face ad all over the body, and after the father goes down to the ground suspect takes off on foot.
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>> sheriff's deputy say it tookt using phone records they traced the call to lynch. his attorney says his client was sexually abused by him. >> when my client was 7 years od , he and his brother went on a camping trip, and father was the color. >> the attorney says it was bacn 1975 when he assaulted the boys. >> he sexually abused both of td forced them to have sexual acts with each other, and then physically tortured them as well. that's the history here. >> linder has never faced crimid an attorney tells me there was abuse charges against him settled out of court. his client and brother received a settlement. >> there was a civil file back e 1990s and my understanding he's never been
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prosecuted. >> a spokesman for the retiremes linder is still living there. as for lynch, if he's found guilty of the charges could face up to 4 years in jail. reporting live in san jose tonight, jana katsuyama ktvu channel 2 news. >> in a stockton court, a teenay ied that he thought his captures were trying to kill him. he is on trial accused of abusing the teen of kyle r. they say he beat him, poured bleach on the wounds and burned him. they showed a picture of him with a chain on his ankle. three other people including his former guardian pleaded guilty to former charges. the sheriff's department revealed new information about the death of a teenager and the
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arrest of his twin brother. his brother was found dead in a nearby ravine the next day. a spokesman revealed the cause of death with affixuation with a rope. >> there's no real reason why, there's nothing specifically pointed at, no traumatic incident pointed at, it just says that they're unhappy and have been unhappy and when they seem that they're happy, it's a facade. they said they will decide whether or not to rule his death a suicide. residents of an apartment complex are back in their homes after being forced out by a mysterious odor. they reported the odor at 11:15
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this morning. the smell was so strong that the first fire crew left the building and called in another crew. air samples were taken but they could not identify the cause of the smell. san francisco giant's fans have just a few more hours to catch their breath before game 3 tomorrow afternoon. texas rangers worked out today in arlington. it will be the first time ever they have hosted a world series game. workers installed a pair of antlers wearing a ranger's cap. a number of the giant's faithful were at at&t park as players boarded buses to head off t -- airport. there will be giant supporters in the house. we caught up with some today
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leaving for the airport. >> even those that aren't goinge lington are feeling the giant's fever. this man isn't from san francisco, but today he is decked out in giant's gear. >> oh yeah. look at this. i'm re giants. i love them. and i love san francisco. we had a good time there. >> no doubt the fans will be the backing this team. we found two men traveling from mexico headed to the game. >> they caught the fever. put iy here being in the city they enjoyed it. >> sullivan knowed burns that passed away last year. they are going to the game and got emotional just thinking of what it means for the franchise. >> very you know, sentimental te of the burns. >> i was hoping we would just win a couple of games, but you know, as they say its the pitching that wins series and we have the best pitchers. >> so what kind of reception wie fans get?
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rangers fans we talked to say te treated well here and giant's fans can expect the same. >> i might be halloweening instt ing because we don't know how they'll be. >> i'm sure the fans in texas ae nice, hopely. i'll make sure they are nice around us. >> giant fans say they hope this a quick trip. a couple more games and wins and they'll head home. >> turning now to next tuesday'. a new poll shows the race for attorney general is a dead heat. steve cooley is just one point ahead of harris. the 90% of likely voters still undecided. back in september cooley held a 4-point lead. in the race for governor, san francisco mayor gavin newsen
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with a 5- lead. his lead was 4 points in september. with that in mind, he held a rally in an effort to get young people out to vote. organizers were expecting hundreds, but only 60 people showed up. he pulled up to a campaign event in a big bus, but was greeted by a handful of people. carly was out on the campaign trail and made a stop in the silicone valley this morning. she appeared with the owner of sugar shack county where she talked about job creation. polls show her trailing her opponent barbara boxer by 8 points. and for more election coverage any time, go to and click on the election 2010 tab. across the bay area today, people took time to remember
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victims of domestic violence. in oakland they placed flowers next to loved ones that lois their lives. -- lost their lives to domestic violence. officials say that since 1996, more than 200 people have been murdered in the county as a result of domestic violence. for many families it was an emotional day. >> we wanted to show our supporo other families that have been through what we're still going through. >> life size cut outs symbolizit of domestic violence was on display and artwork. in the south bay santa clara held their first day ever remembrance event. they educated women about available resources and encourage them to seek help before it's too late. similar events were held in salono county as well. a high-tech company is
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offering a new way for people to prevent crime in their enabled. a press conference lodgeitech will create a neighborhood watch and the cameras cost $300 and it was held in san jose buzz it was the first city to display their 911 incidents on the report website. in just one week, messerly is to be sentenced for the shooting in grant. he says he never went to work that night. messerly is being held in a county jail. he's been there since july when he was convicted of involuntary man slaughter. messerly says he wishes he'd
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stay home. >> probably called in sick to wy ed with my fiance. waited for my son to be so that mr. grant could go home to his family and be with his daughter. >> messerly's son was born one r . you can hear more of this exclusive interview on ktvu channel 2. u.s. airports are on high after planes are found carryings of new explosi >> a beautiful night for football in the north bay! and we have a good o tap. it's a grudge match and we'll size it up for you right after this. >> and i'm pinpointing showers right now that are moving into the san francisco area. i'll have the details.
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>> the financial district is back to normal after they found clothing inside a suitcase that was suspicious. they closed the area aren't market and battery street at 8:00 this morning after report of an abandoned suit kis. the area was -- suitcase. the area was reopened at 10:30 a.m. u.s. officials say a threat was thwarted today. the packages containing explosives were found in airplanes. >> a suspicious device found in
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the united kingdom sparked security concerns at airports in the united states. president barack obama that was alerted shortly after the discovery was made said the packages had explosive materials inside, and additional safety measures are being per sued. >> i have directed we spare no t s in finding their origin and connection to any additional terrorist plotting. >> the manipulated toner cartrit in airport. the u.s. is closely examining cargo jets originating from the peninsula. >> we don't want to presume we w the balance of this plot, so we are looking at all types of packages, air travel. >> a second similar package wasi fiscated in dubai. they prompted authorities to
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look at cargo planes that were placed on high alert. at philadelphia international airport, two planes were under scrutiny. one unoccupied. three people were aboard the other, and they were removed and scanned with negative results. this plane was suspected for suspicious materials before they gave the all clear. as officials continue to investigate, ups says they are spending all services out of yaman for the time being. >> we can did he -- de activity activate the alarm! >> they streamed out of their o. they coordinated the emergency drill that including san francisco city hall and federal
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building. official say its the first time they conducted a multiag evacuation. a man that shot and wounded three people this morning was about to be fired from his job. they evacuated 100 people from the store after he open fired at 8:30 a.m.. three pores were hospitalized -- employees were hospitalized. they took him into custody following a 6-hour stand off. they are expanding their recall of lipitor. an additional 8,000 bottles have been recalled due to a smell. the odor comes from a memorical on the pallots used to store the bottles. stocks got enough of a gain to make october the best month of trading for the year. the dow picked up 4 and a half
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points and nasdaq was pretty much flat. bart broke ground on a project to expand service in the east bay. it will run down highway 4 from the pittsburgh bay station to hillcrest avenue. the $462 million price tag for the train line is less than half what it would cost to extend the current bart line. it should be in operation by 2015. meantime a fleet of new hybrid buses will be hitting the road next week. the transportation authority says that the first gro emission diesel buses will go into service on monday. the fleet of 90 buses should be on road by january of next year placing conventional buses -- replacing conventional buses. well it is friday night. time for our high school football game of the week. and tonight's match up takes us to the north bay hi mark.
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>> gasia, this is just the kind of night you love. football, rain, its a grudge match, i wish you were here gasia, but you're not, and coach paul kroenen is, and this is kind of like your match up of the year. rancho, a key match up because it's a grudge match, but you have owned them, haven't lost since 2002 to them. >> we're just looking forward to playing a big game from a big crowd. it's going to be fun. >> do you put extra emphasis ona rivalry game like this, or keep them toned down so they look at it as just another game? >> i think we try to make every game important. when you start overduing one game, you play inconsistent. and our kids, we try to keep the opponent faces and that's what we try to do as a staff. >> you have notified your guys e highlights are on channel 2 at 10:00, so we need
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some highlights. >> first thing we did on mondayg is told them. >> i bet. >> but hopefully the highlights are us playing really good defense, and you know, ball controlled offense enough to win the ball gim. >> we appreciate you taking thi. all the best. >> thanks. >> coach of cardinal newman and like we say, highlights at 10:00, and that's the sporting life for right now. gasia, like i said, i wish you were here to enjoy it. >> thanks so much. super bowl 4l ly a sell out when it comes to advertising. fox sports says they sold all available commercial spots already. a spokesman says usually there's time still available the week o g just ahead as the giants prepare for game three fan
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support takes off in a way we've never seen before. and what are the chances for a wet halloween weekend? chief meteorologist bill martinr us.
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>> a weather system moving thre bay area caused two trees to topple over this morning. arkansas was blocked by the trees briefly until they came and cleaned up the mess. our chief meteorologist is going to tell us what we were told to expect for today. >> not as much rain south of sao as we expected, but certainly north bay. an inch of rain in santa rosa, and we talked to mark and you saw him out there for the football game, and it's raining up there as well. showers continuing into early tomorrow morning and go to live storm tracker 2, and we see the showers moving on shore right now. and right there there's the heavier showers and here is rock away beach. so the showers are picking up over the next few hours, and they will glide eastward. look at the motion, though, when
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you watch this. watch what happens. north to south, and now just translating east. there will be a band of showers moving through the bay area the next couple of hours. the forecast for tonight is scattered showers. your halloween, or your saturday most of it dry, almost all of it, sunday try as well, and next week looks dry as well. so this weather system very productive. doesn't mean anything, but it is interesting how much rain they've had, where as san jose, san francisco no rain out of this last system or little. high pressure tomorrow sunday clearing and dry as the system rolls out of here. sunday is your nicest day on the weekend as we roll into tomorrow there might be a sprinkle in the morning hours. so here we are this afternoon. here we are late tonight, early tomorrow morning and there's sprinkles in the area, that's saturday morning.
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so a straight sprinkle not out of the question. so have to keep that in mind as we head out. its gone rapidly and by lunchtime we're clear and drying out. sunday dry, temperatures on the increase, and low 70s on sunday, beautiful day, and halloween you've seen a chance of rain on sunday, but i haven't mentioned that, but other people have, so it's not going to rain on halloween. 63 in fairfield, 66 in livermore, and 65 in pleasantville. five-day forecast. sprinkles in the morning, but don't change your plans. >> see you tonight at 10:00. th. san francisco has come up with a new way to support the giants. we're getting reports of heavy demand for orange light gels around the bay area. it took many gels to turn sfo orange as you can see in this picture taken by our viewers.
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and if you have a giant's related picture, send it to and look under the woshld series tab for our slide show. that's our report for tonight. i'm gasia mikaelian. our coverage continues online at
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